Delta Airlines Responds To Hyeri Amid Allegations Of Racism Over Downgrade

The airline has been hit with backlash after being exposed.

Delta Airlines responded to Hyeri‘s post exposing their mistreatment.

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On September 1, News1 reported that Delta Airlines apologized for the incident but revealed that the star’s downgrade wasn’t due to overbooking and that the incident occurred because the flight had to switch aircrafts.

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Delta stated that on August 30 at 2:19 PM, the flight leaving Los Angeles for New York had to switch its aircraft, and in the process, some passengers were downgraded. News1 reported that the airlines stated the flight had switched to a smaller aircraft for safety reasons.

Usually, in these instances, we ask if passengers would like to fly on the next flight in which first-class seats are available. If passengers choose to sit in economy, we refund the difference in price.

— Delta Airlines

The airlines then stated they are in the processing of refunding the difference in Hyeri’s seats and apologized for the incident.

We are in the process of refunding the difference of her seats. We are apologetic to the customer and a customer service manager will reach out to her personally.

— Delta Airlines

Previously, Hyeri exposed the airlines for downgrading her seats despite booking the seats months in advance. Because not one but two seats were downgraded, Korean netizens alleged the downgrades were due to overbooking and that the idol was chosen for the downgrades because she is Asian.

I made my reservation one and a half months ago and even selected a seat in advance, but they downgraded me to Economy Class, saying there were no First Class seats available. The airline told me to take the next flight if I didn’t like the seat and did not even give me a refund. Haha.

I booked two seats, how could both be downgraded? I wanted to say many things but couldn’t express them properly. At that moment, I thought I should have studied English harder. What an absurd experience. You should be careful, everyone.

— Hyeri

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