Korean Police Caught This Dentist Driving Drunk Twice In One Day

The incidents were only an hour apart.

A South Korean man is in hot water after being pulled over for driving drunk twice in the same day.


On November 28, Busan Haeundae Police caught the inebriated man, a dentist in his 30s, on a highway from Ulsan to Busan. At the time of the incident, the dentist’s blood alcohol level was reportedly 0.191 percent. This high amount could potentially result in his driver’s license being revoked.


An hour later, the same man was caught driving drunk a second time.

He had reportedly driven himself to his apartment’s parking lot after arguing with, then taking the wheel from, his designated driver. At the time of this incident, his blood alcohol level was 0.182 percent, which was still high enough to warrant the loss of his license.


The police are now considering seeking an arrest warrant for the man, who has been booked without detention and is currently being investigated.

Source: Korea Herald