Dermatologists List The Main Causes Of Idols’ Skin Problems

One reason is their strict diets.

Having a job in the limelight, idols make it a point to take care of their skin by spending a significant amount of money on professional treatments. Skin problems, however, are unavoidable from time to time.

In an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders,” dermatologists Chan Woo and Jeong Seon Mi revealed the common causes of these skin problems.

Dermatologists Chan Woo (left) and Jeong Seon Mi (right) | @AYO/YouTube

The two were asked by a netizen if idols feel stress because of their skin.

Do idols get stressed a lot because of their skin?

— Netizen question

Jeong Seon Mi shared that idols do, in fact, feel stress when their skin isn’t in good condition. Some of the main causes of their skin problems are tight schedules and strict diets.

Idols have a lot of schedules, and they go on hard diets, so their skin gets sensitive.

— Jeong Seon Mi

Naturally, it leads to problems with their skin. “And they have skin troubles.

Chan Woo agreed and added that their heavy makeup and lack of sleep also contribute to their skin problems.

Idols have to wear heavy makeup every day, and they don’t get enough sleep.

— Chan Woo

In fact, she said that it causes their skins’ condition to worsen over time. “Some idols’ skins continue to worsen.

Learn more about idols’ visits to dermatologists the full video below!

Source: AYO