As Details Of Park Soo Hong’s Assault Are Revealed, His Close Friend Son Heon Soo Lashes Out At Prosecutors

The father is also said to have threatened to stab his son with a weapon. 

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This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

News of comedian Park Soo Hong‘s assault by his own father has shocked the nation. While details of the assault trickled in, the comedian’s close friend, Singer Son Heon Soo, criticized the prosecutors for allowing the assault to take place.

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According to news reports, Park Soo Hong and his father were set to meet with prosecutors for a deposition regarding Park Soo Hong’s brother, who allegedly embezzled money from the comedian.

According to Park Soo Hong’s lawyer, the father immediately attacked his son for “Not greeting his father.” The father is also said to have threatened to stab his son with a weapon.

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Park Soo Hong is said to have responded to his father’s attack by asking how his father could do this to him. According to reports, the comedian then started hyperventilating from the shock and was transported to the hospital.

How can you do this to me when I am the one who fed this family?

— Park Soo Hong

Park Soo Hong’s father previously made news when he stated he would be taking the side of the comedian’s brother, who is alleged to have embezzled over ₩2.10 billion KRW (about $1.47 million USD) of Park Soo Hong’s earnings. According to reports, the father had also previously threatened Park Soo Hong with a hammer and is currently attempting to shield the brother by stating he was the one who committed all of the crimes.

Park Soo Hong’s father |

While the nation was shocked by the news, one of Park Soo Hong’s closest friends, singer Son Heon Soo, lambasted prosecutors, stating that all of this could’ve been prevented if prosecutors had taken Park Soo Hong’s requests for safety more seriously.

On October 4, Son Heon Soo uploaded to his Instagram his grievances about the way prosecutors were handling the case.

The prosecutor handling this case has changed six times. Each time, they ask the same questions and investigate as if Park Soo Hong is the criminal while demanding he present evidence himself. Despite the amount of evidence already present, they demanded a deposition while stating the accused must also have their say. Park Soo Hong asked for security due to fear his father would attack him, but he was ignored. I can understand why so many victims end their life during investigations. Why is our country so cruel to the victims?

— Son Heon Soo

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Source: E Daily and Herald Pop
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