Detective ONCE’s May Have Already Figured Out TWICE’s Next Comeback Date

Get ready to mark your calendars!

By now ONCEs have already prepared themselves for TWICE‘s comeback in July. JYP Entertainment has already confirmed it, Jihyo gave us a spoiler, and we’ve been blessed with a teaser.


But new evidence has come to light suggesting that the girl group may have another completely different comeback!


Korean fans noticed something a little fishy in one scene from the “What Is Love?” MV. In the scene, everything is a little blurry except one poster which is in clear focus!


Although the prop is a real poster, many fans are convinced that it isn’t a coincidence that you can clearly see those particular numbers!


While the numbers may not mean anything to most people, these detective fans have noticed something spectacular. Since the poster clearly says “16/17/18 October” fans decided to take a look at some of TWICE’s previous comebacks.


As it turns out the group dropped their Twicecoaster: Lane 1 EP on October 24, 2016.


And their Twicetagram album was released on October 30, 2017.


Since both releases were released during the fifth week of October on a Monday, fans have predicted that TWICE will keep with the tradition and have a comeback on October 29th!


So mark your calendars! TWICE may have an October comeback, and if they do, then we all have the super detective ONCEs to thank!

Source: @SubjectKpop