Devastated Fans Think 4th Generation Girl Group Is Heading Toward Disbandment

“What an awful thing…”

The K-Pop scene might be facing another disbandment, and this time, it looks like the girl group NATURE is at the center of these rumors. Fans are worried because there are several signs that seem to point towards the group potentially calling it quits.

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To start with, the group recently said they’re going to stop their Bubble service, which is a big deal because it’s how fans and idols keep in touch. It’s as if a band suddenly stopped their fan mail — never a great sign.

Compounding these worries, fans noticed that some NATURE members have removed mentions of the group from their personal Instagram bios. This is particularly disconcerting because idols typically use social media as an extension of their professional identity. Thus, more often than not, the group name is in their bios.

Uchae’s Instagram profile.

In another instance, member Chaebin was straightforwardly asked if NATURE was over by a fan — to which she responded with nothing but a teary eyed emoji. Haru also referred to the group as a memory of the past, adding even more to the speculations.

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Fans have noted how some of the members seem to already be doing their own thing. Haru herself is currently in Japan, and another member, Uchae, has recently become a cheerleader.

With all these signs, fans have started to connect the dots — and they don’t point to anything nice.

If these speculations are true, NATURE’s career, though short, has been a fun journey for the members and the fans that have supported them since their debut in 2018. They’ve made their mark in the industry with catchy singles like “Allegro Cantabile” and “Oopsie.”

They even ventured into subunits — CHARMING, TWINKLE, and CUTIE — which showcased the members’ versatility as artists.

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Their last album gave fans one of their best releases, with fan favorite “Limbo!” as the title track. Though the release of the album back in 2022 was accompanied by the unfortunate absence of Lu and Sunshine — the two members were on hiatus — fans still enjoyed what NATURE had to offer.

As the situation unfolds, the hope is that NATURE or their management will provide clarity. Until then, fans hold on to the memories of past promotions, celebrated stages, and the group’s unique charm.