DIA’s Chaeyeon And Hong Jin Young Reveal The Type Of Man They Want To Marry

DIA’s Chaeyeon and Hong Jin Young talked about what types of men they’re attracted to, as well as a glimpse into their current dating life.

While talking to Hong Jin Young on Laws Of The JungleDIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon revealed that she’s interested in nice men who are easy to talk to and who takes care of themselves.

“[I like] a nice man I can talk comfortably with. I also like someone who has a clear, defined jawline. It looks like he takes care of himself.” — Chaeyeon

She also noted that she believes women should date people who love them more, and Hong Jin Young firmly agreed.

Although Chaeyeon may be interested in dating, Hong Jin Young gave her sound advice as an industry senior to date at the right time in her career.

“You know you shouldn’t be dating right now, right? Date later on. It’s okay for me though. I should be dating but it’s just that I can’t find a guy.” — Hong Jin Young

Chaeyeon also revealed that she’s so busy with her work that she has no time for hobbies, let alone date.

“I really don’t do anything… I never really had time to rest. So when I suddenly get a day off, I don’t know what to do.” — Chaeyeon

Hong Jin Young consoled her by reminding Chaeyeon that a celebrity’s popularity doesn’t last forever. She can enjoy working now while she can and then enjoy the other parts of life, such as dating, at another point in time.

“It’s not like we can be this busy for all of our lives. There’s a point in time when we’re busy with work. We can enjoy everything else later on.” — Hong Jin Young

Source: Osen