DIA Confirmed To Make A Comeback As A Unit With 5 Members

DIA will be coming back as a five-member unit:

DIA will be making their highly-anticipated comeback but as a five-member unit.

On May 26, DIA announced they would be making their comeback with their 6th mini-album, Flower 4 Seasons. AID were extremely excited about the news especially since it marked DIA’s first comeback in more than a year since the release of their 5th mini-album, Newtro, back in March 2019.

DIA followed up the announcement with some gorgeous teasers, a release schedule for their comeback, and a tracklist.

On May 30, however, fans were given some unexpected news. After several media outlets reported that Chaeyeon and Somyi didn’t take part in the comeback and wouldn’t be taking part in the promotions, MBK Entertainment announced DIA’s comeback would be a unit comeback with 5 members.

MBK Entertainment further added that the decision to have the comeback as a unit rather than as a whole group came rather late.

While the news has been receiving a lot of mixed reactions from AID who are sad that the first comeback in more than a year isn’t as a whole group, fans are still excited for the comeback and ready to cheer them on.

DIA will be making their comeback on June 10. Check out their art film teasers below:

Source: Star News