DIA, Cosmic Girls and Gugudan members left confused during greetings for I.O.I

With I.O.I only being a temporary group and several of the members already branching off with their official group’s activities, confusion has arise.

Following the temporary girl group’s first official activities with Chrysalis and “Dream Girls,” I.O.I is set to return once again this summer as a unit of seven members. The remaining four members will be promoting with their official girl group. Jung Chaeyeon returned to DIA, Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina officially debuted as part of Jellyfish Entertainment‘s gugudan while Yu Yeonjung has been confirmed to join Starship Entertainment‘s Cosmic Girls as the 13th member.

However, the girls’ activities under their original agency is still overlapping with that of I.O.I despite promotions for “Dreams Girls” having ended following the Dream Concert.

The 11-members recently took the stage as a whole on July 16th where they performed many of their hits including “Dream Girls,” “Pick Me,” “Yum Yum” and more. For Chaeyeon, Sejeong, Mina and Yeonjung, they were spotted hesitating during the group’s greeting. During a performance, some members were also seen bumping into one another. With the alteration of choreography (for 7 members instead of 11), the “temporary” status of the group with various branching off into their own activities have undoubtedly become confusing for all the group members.

Fans have expressed their concerns for the group, especially those who must attend different schedules for both their groups.



Source: Instiz