DIA Respond To Rumors Claiming Jenny Is Leaving The Group

Fans were afraid after comparing her situation to former member Eunjin.

On March 20, DIA held a press showcase for their 5th mini album “NEWTRO” in Seoul and addressed rumors claiming that Jenny is leaving the group.


It was recently announced that Jenny would not be participating in upcoming DIA promotions due to injuries to her knee. In regard to rumors claiming that she was leaving the group, Jooeun clarified that Jenny was simply focusing on recovering and not leaving the group.

Jenny’s news was delayed. We were worried about our fans. We were taking our time to make a careful decision. The choreography for our new song is more powerful than previous choreographies. While practicing together, Jenny’s knee got worse and the members agreed to let Jenny focus on her treatment so that her condition doesn’t get severe.

ㅡ Jooeun


Previously, Jennie announced that she would not be able to promote with DIA’s album promotions because of her knee injury.

While preparing for our comeback, my pain worsened so I visited the hospital for a checkup. I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patellae (runner’s knee). I’m receiving treatment from the hospital but I was told that I needed sufficient rest and consistent treatment so that I don’t overwork my knees. I thought very carefully and spoke with the members and our agency but we agreed that it would not be a good idea for me to participate in DIA’s upcoming album promotion.

ㅡ Jenny


After hearing the news, rumors claiming that Jenny was leaving the group began to spread. According to netizens, Jenny used to be an active user of Instagram but did not post many updates recently. Fans were also worried because the situation seemed very similar to Eunjin‘s situation before she left the group last year.


Fans were relieved to see her updated post, supporting DIA’s new album. Moreover, they were happy to hear that the rumors were false and wished her a speedy recovery.


Get well soon, Jenny!


Source: My Daily and The Qoo