DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Reveals She Was Bullied For Her Weight In The Past

This one comment traumatized her.

DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon is well known for her beauty, often being called a “goddess”.


But she confessed that she wasn’t praised for her looks in the past. She was actually bullied by classmates!


She revealed that back in middle school, she used to be “fat”. She weighed 61 to 65kg (134.5 to 143.3lbs).


She would cover herself up with cardigans due to a lack of confidence but a girl from her school traumatized her with one comment. As Chaeyeon was walking by, the classmate said, “She’s so big.” Ever since, Chaeyeon walked around with her shoulders hunched in to hide her body even more.

“I was very fat back in middle school. I weighed around 61kg and even 65 kg when I got fatter.

Once, a female senior from the same school commented, ‘She’s so big.’ I was hiding my body under a cardigan.”

— Chaeyeon


Although Chaeyeon was bullied in the past, she didn’t let it affect her life. She went onto become a popular idol and lost weight in the process too!


Watch Chaeyeon tell her story below:

Source: TV Report