DIA Member Eunjin Is Officially Leaving The Group

She could no longer stand confidently on stage.

DIA’s Eunjin has officially announced she is leaving the group.


On May 7th, Eunjin shared a photo of her handwritten letter regarding her departure on DIA’s official fan cafe with fans. In the letter, Eujin explained her ongoing health issues and her struggles with fear and anxiety.

Hello. This is Eunjin.
How have the AID (DIA’s fan club) members been? To all the fans that have been waiting for me, I would like to apologize for greeting you through this letter. It may be a bit long, but I’m hoping it contains my sincerity.
Truthfully, my health has been deteriorating since last year.
If there were days I felt okay, there were also days when I couldn’t even leave the dorm all day because it was too difficult. Whenever that happened, the members were next to me holding my hand, so it was bearable.
But when I was on stage, it was hard to get rid of the feelings of fear and being overpowered. That’s why there were many times when I showed a bad side of myself, and showed a disappointing side. I think that could have been a source of disappointment to the people supporting DIA. I know it’s late, but I would like to sincerely apologize for my actions.
For the people who were by my side helping me as well as for myself, I continued to receive treatment, but my health is still not good. This is something I wanted to do for a long time, I wanted to do it well, and it was precious to me. But at the moment, I lack many things.
As DIA is preparing for a comeback, I didn’t want to cause trouble, and be of no help to them, so I have made the difficult decision of leaving the group.
I have made this decision after a lot of time spent in thought. Again, I’m sorry for causing you this pain. But I hope that the people I love, and the people that love me, will not be hurt by my decision.
This is my last goodbye as DIA’s Eunjin, but as the fan that loves DIA the most, I will cheer on our members, and go back to an ordinary person in her 20’s and live well.
To my precious DIA members, the agency staff members, and AID, who were always there for me and always worrying for me, thank you. I love you.
I will think of the love you guys gave me whenever and wherever, and be strong.


DIA also released a letter to fans.

Hello, this is Dia.
To the fans who are wondering and waiting on the news about Eunjin, we are sorry that we had to share this news.
We tried our best for a long time to be with Eunjin, but watching her struggle and be in pain made us so upset and hurt.
We started together, and wanted to be together until the end, but the fact that we couldn’t made us sad, and more importantly, sorry to the members of AID.
Now we are on separate paths, but we want to respect Eunjin’s decision, who gave it her all until the end, and cheer for her.
We hope that AID can cheer for her as well.
We want to sincerely apologize again to the members of AID for causing you to worry.
DIA will cheer for Eunjin, and always be with her in spirit.
Thank you.


The ultimate decision to officially leave the group was based on both her desire to overcome her health problems and to make it less difficult on her group members.


After hearing the news, fans have sent their messages of support for Eunjin.


Eunjin has asked fans to respect her decision and to hopes they will not feel betrayed or hurt because of her departure.

“I will continue to support the members as an ordinary girl in my 20s.”

– Eunjin

Source: X Sports News