DIA’s Yebin Reveals How A Little Fib Helped Her Get Into The Group

Her talent definitely would’ve gotten her there regardless!

Given how talented DIA‘s lead vocalist Yebin is, it’s hard to believe there was ever a chance she wouldn’t become a burgeoning star. However, in a new interview with KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC, Yebin revealed she actually had a helping hand in the form of a little falsehood—all orchestrated by fellow member Huihyeon.

Talking to KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC, Yebin explained that she wanted to be a singer ever since she was a child, which is where her story of joining DIA goes back to. At first, Yebin says she trained in acting. As a middle schooler, she’d catch a train at 7 AM to get to acting school and even looked up roles as an extra on her own. Since her mother didn’t support her dream at first, she strived to manifest it herself.

DIA’s Yebin as a child | KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC/YouTube

One day, Yebin’s acting school was part of a casting call. To help herself stand out to agency recruiters, she decided to show off a special skill: singing. As fans may already have guessed, Yebin ended up passing the audition—but as a vocalist rather than an actress. Despite never having singing lessons before, Yebin continued to work her way up through four or five vocalist auditions.

DIA’s Yebin as a student

Eventually, she was finally cast by a team manager at an acting agency. That’s where Yebin first met DIA’s leader, Huihyeon.

DIA’s Yebin (left) and Huihyeon (right), 2016 | VJ Live

Despite never having singing lessons before, Yebin continued to work her way up through four or five final auditions as a vocalist. Eventually, she was cast by a team manager at an actor’s agency, which is where she first met DIA’s leader Huihyeon. Gushing over her fellow member, Yebin told KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC she’s always admired Huihyeon’s beauty and dancing talent, thinking, “Wow, that’s the kind of person who becomes a celebrity,” when she met her.

DIA’s Yebin today | KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC/YouTube

But soon after, Huihyeon decided to audition for MBK Entertainment—and Yebin decided not to join her. “I was still learning,” Yebin explained, but she soon found herself aimless. Then in her senior year of high school, Yebin didn’t know what to do given that she didn’t want to go to university and wasn’t a trainee. Thankfully, Huihyeon was about to help her change all that.


One day, Yebin got an unexpected call from Huihyeon with an unexpected question: “How tall are you?” While the lead vocalist estimated she was around 162 to 163 cm tall, Huiyeon told her, “You’re 164 centimeters tall from now on.” Why? Because Huihyeon was getting ready to debut in DIA, and MBK Entertainment was looking for a final member around that height.


Thankfully for DIA’s fandom, AID, Yebin decided to accept the opportunity to audition at MBK Entertainment with the help of her falsified height. And, of course, she had no trouble passing. It was only after signing her contract that MBK Entertainment’s CEO came to her looking for answers, asking, “Tell me the truth, how tall are you?”


Yebin is known for her sweet personality, so it’s no surprise she came clean right away and told the CEO she was 162 cm tall. Of course, the CEO wasn’t about to pass up on Yebin’s talent over something as insignificant as height. “That was that,” she revealed, “and I became the last member of DIA.”

Yebin for DIA’s “Flower 4 Seasons”, 2020 | MBK Entertainment

Even though joining DIA wasn’t in Yebin’s original plans, fans can’t imagine it being any other way today.