DIA’s Cathy Falls 6ft. Off The Stage During Performance

Rookie girl group DIA was performing at a concert when member Cathy (Ki Hee Hyun) fell off the stage.

DIA’s Cathy fell from a 2m high stage (6.5ft) during their performance, when she tripped and completely fell off the stage. The stage was shaped in a “T” and not extremely wide. The group was at the “Blue Star Concert” and performing their song, “Mr. Potte.”

Thankfully, Cathy was able to get back onto the stage and continue her performance without further issue. She was taken to the hospital after the performance for a check-up.

Dia’s agency, MBK Entertainment has since also released a statement addressing Cathy’s health condition after the incident.

“[Cathy] is saying she has pain in her tailbone and near her ankles and she is getting a detailed checkup right now.”

MBK Entertainment

Watch the video of Cathy’s stage accident below (skip to 0:39 seconds):

Source: Dispatch