DIA’s Cathy tells the truth about her infamous “armpit hair” incident

DIA’s Cathy is on top of the searches once more as she talks about her infamous “armpit hair” incident. 

On November 17th, Cathy was one of the guests that appeared on Happy Together 3. During the appearance, she talked about her underarm hair and the incident that happened last year.

The incident was from DIA’s location shoot in Macau and Hong Kong. The 9-minute long video highlighted a few snippets from their shoot. However, a capture of the clip showed Cathy with unshaved hair as they walked around the Macau Tower. It received mixed reactions online.

She explained that she wondered if she really hadn’t shaved that day when she saw the video . She explained that although it looks like she neglected to shave, it was just and illusion created by shadow. She also went on to say that she was called the “Korean Tang Wei  for a while. Tang Wei was a Chinese actress known for not shaving her armpits for a movie.

Cathy ended the discussion with the statement, “I do have armpit hair, but not a lot.” 

Since her appearance, the singer has been one of the most searched topics on online portal, Naver. Check out the full incident below!

Check out the full incident below!

Source: News1