DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon And Ki Heehyun Donate All CF And Digital Sales Earnings To Charity

DIA members Jung Chaeyeon and Ki Heehyun have touched the heart of fans after reports of their recent goodwill came to light.

According to the girls’ agency MBK Entertainment, Chaeyeon and Heehyun donated 60 million won worth of female hygiene products for low-income youths who are unable to afford such luxuries, a story that was recently brought to the attention of the public. After hearing this, the two DIA members decided to donate their earnings from the many activities brought after appearing on Produce 101 to the Good Neighbors charity.

Chaeyeon and Heehyun were quoted saying, “I don’t think we earned this income because we did well. We were given the opportunity to do all these CFs and make music because of fans. So I didn’t think it was ours. We were deciding on how to use it and after hearing the stories, we decided to to donate in good spirit.”

Many of the Produce 101 contestants have been receiving a lot of love from the public regardless whether they made it to the Top 11, which included Chaeyeon who became active as a member of I.O.I. On the other hand, Heehyun made it to the Top 22 as one of the finalists.

Meanwhile, DIA recently made a comeback as a complete girl group and will be promoting their track “On The Road.”

Source: Sports Donga