DIA’s Yebin Reveals Her Mother Was Fighting Cancer But Still Showed Up To Support Her When She Was On “The Unit”

Even though she was suffering, Yebin’s mother made sure to show how proud she was of her at all times!

DIA‘s Yebin recently sat down with KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC for an interview, where she shared a heartbreaking story about how her mother battled with cancer while still showing up to support her when she was on the survival show, The Unit.

Yebin | MBK Entertainment

In the interview, Yebin opened up about her time on The Unit, and how she finished in second place, giving her the chance to debut and promote with the other members of the project group, named Uni.T.

Yebin on The Unit

She then shared that when she was preparing to appear on the show, her mother had to undergo treatment for cancer, and did so while keeping it hidden from her because she wanted Yebin to focus on her dreams.

While I was on The Unit, my mother had to go through cancer treament. She was fighting cancer. I was preparing for The Unit, so she didn’t tell me about it.


Yebin then opened up about how upset she was that her mother hid it from her, and talked about her condition when she went to visit her mom after finding out. She further shared how, when her mother couldn’t sleep because of the treatment, she would spend countless hours watching videos of Yebin to pass the time.

I got so upset. I had no idea. I went to visit my mom and she had lost so much weight. It was so heartbreaking.

My mother…the medication was too strong, so she couldn’t sleep in the morning. She said she just kept watching videos of me.


Yebin then revealed that after she found out about her mother’s condition, it motivated her to work even harder so that she could make her mother proud.

I missed her, but I couldn’t see her. I had to try even harder to appear on screen even if it was for one more second. That’s why I craved it more.


On the day of the finals, Yebin’s members and family came to support her as she fought for her place on the debut lineup, and with their love and support, she ended up winning second place!

Yebin’s family

For the final stage, my members and my parents, my family came to cheer me on. When I looked to my left, I could see my mother. She kept praying.

When I heard my name announced as second place, I saw my mom bow her head like this. She must have been crying.


And after completing promotions with Uni.T in 2018, Yebin continued her career with DIA, and recently made her solo debut with the single “Yes, I Know”!

Watch her talk about her experience on The Unit and about her mother here!