Designer Brand DIOR Receives Criticism For Now-Deleted Photo Deemed Racist And Offensive To Asians

The brand has many Asian ambassadors but hasn’t addressed the issue!

DIOR is one of the biggest brands in the world, and there are many Korean stars who represent the brand, including the likes of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo, BTS‘s Jimin, actor Nam Joo Hyuk, and more.

Jisoo in Paris for a DIOR event in 2022 | @sooyaaa__/Instagram
BTS’s Jimin at his first appearance in January 2023 after being announced as DIOR’s ambassador | MINT
Actor Nam Joo Hyuk at a DIOR event | Newsis

Recently, the brand has come under fire after posting a photo that was deemed racist. In the photoset, the brand posted images of an Asian model showcasing the brand’s latest collection.

The DIOR photos on Instagram | @DIOR/Instagram
| @DIOR/Instagram

Yet, the last photo gained attention as it showed the model doing a pose where she used her two fingers to lift her eyes.

The now-deleted photo deemed to be racist | @DIOR/Instagram

After the post was shared, a TikTok user made a video about the photo that attracted over a million views and over a hundred thousand likes.

In the video, the OP asked viewers if they thought it was racist, showcasing the pose of the Asian model putting two fingers around her eyes and lifting it up, a gesture associated with those mocking Asian people.


Dior has since deleted the “slanted eye” photo in that post. But you can still read netizens’ comments under the post. #dior #diorbeauty #asian #racist #racism #stopasianhate #mamianqun #hanfu #马面裙 #迪奥

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

In the comments, netizens shared their own take on the photos, explaining how the brand was seemingly using POC as “Props” and “aesthetic.”

One comment pointed out the extent to how bad it is considering the number of Asian ambassadors they have, particularly the brand’s “Golden Girl” Jisoo.

After seeing the backlash, DIOR took down the specific photo from their account.

Although the photo was taken down, comments were still viewable, and netizens couldn’t hide their anger. Many even pointed out that it wasn’t the first time DIOR had done something that showed discrimination towards Asians.

The comments under the DIOR post | @DIOR/Instagram

While the brand has taken down the photo, DIOR hasn’t addressed the controversy surrounding the photo. Many netizens want the brand to acknowledge what they had done to ensure it won’t happen again.

Source: Nate
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