Diplo Calls For A BTS Solo Performance At The 2020 GRAMMY Awards

Fellow GRAMMY performer Diplo had this to say in response to the news.

At the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards, BTS will perform a collaboration stage with Lil Nas X for “Seoul Town Road”, an “Old Town Road” remix featuring RM.


In response to the news, many fans expressed their desire for a BTS solo stage so that the members can truly shine.


It wasn’t long before fellow GRAMMY performer Diplo (an American DJ, songwriter, and record producer) caught wind of ARMY‘s tweets.


In response, he tweeted this, drawing more attention to fans’ hopes for a BTS’s solo performance.


In reply, ARMY clarified that BTS should have a solo stage, not because of popular demand, but because they have earned it.


Performing at the GRAMMYs is a golden opportunity for BTS to showcase their talent to the general public and to fellow artists. Some fans worry that viewers will not see the extent of BTS’s talent if their only GRAMMY performance is “Seoul Town Road”.


So far, there has been no official indication that BTS will have a solo stagebut either way, fans can look forward to seeing BTS at the GRAMMYs on January 26th.