Directioners accuses T-ARA’s QUEEN’S of cheating after gaining massive lead in Billboard’s “Fan Army Face Off”

T-ARA‘s official fandom QUEEN’S are giving One Direction fans a run for their money as they pull ahead in Billboard’s “Fan Army Face Off” in #1.

Billboard is looking for the top artist fandom and launched the “Fan Army Face Off” poll on their website to find out which is the strongest.

Meeting up in the semi-final bracket from K-Pop and Pop respectively are T-ARA and One Direction fans with the latter behind with 849,648 semis votes (1,642,534 total votes) and QUEEN’S ahead with 1,153,002 semis votes (2,434,110 total votes).


Directioners (One Direction fans) are not happy with the results and have been accusing QUEEN’S of cheating and using bots to cast their votes, sending letters to Billboard that read:

“Dear Billboard,

I regret to inform you that your ‘Fan Army Face Off’ was hacked and auto voting for #queens was placed. The fandom queens tweeted about having hacked Billboard by using autobots to vote. I would attach the photo proof, but I am only on my laptop. Although if you search through #DisqualifyQueens hashtag on Twitter, you will find proof. Also, in order for votes to count, you have to vote for both categories correct? Well Queens now has over a million votes, so wouldn’t that mean 5sos or Behives would also have close to a million, because you would have to vote for both. Either way, there is a lot of proofs that Queens hacked and rigged the voting, please fix immediately because 5SOSFam and Directioners are very upset and will boycott.”

Source: Billboard

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