The Director Of “Hospital Playlist” Took A Risk With The Show—Here’s How It Led To It’s Success

This risk that he took for the show paid off majorly!

Ever since it first aired in 2020, Hospital Playlist has gained a significant following due its cast and storyline, and the director of the show has opened up about another factor that he believes contributed to its major success!

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The director of Hospital Playlist, Shin Won Ho, recently sat down for an interview, where he discussed the show, and how his gamble of releasing one episdoe per week paid off in an incredible way! Usually, most K-Dramas are scheduled to release 2 episodes per week, as most viewers want to know what happens next in the storyline as soon as possible.

Shin Won Ho

In a decision that was made even before production began, however, Shin Won Ho decided to release only one episode every weekend of Hospital Playlist for 2 seasons as an experiment, and it ultimately ended up being an amazing success! In the interview, he stated that as they had less pressure to film more content, everything could be done in a more relaxed manner, and he’s not sure if he could ever go back to a 2 episode per week schedule again!

After this series, I don’t think I can ever do a series that airs two episodes per week. I can’t imagine the time when I used to do those projects. Because we didn’t feel as fatigued during production, we were actually able to work more efficiently around the set, which is the biggest advantage.

—Shin Won Ho

As filming for the show spanned over 2 years, the cast and crew grew close to one another, and were able to keep the warm vibe of the show that made fans fall for it in the first place!

Instead of trying to make a bigger impact or making drastic changes, our purpose was to keep doing what we did and to continue following their poignant daily lives. It was an amazing experience… even though about 10 months have passed since Season 1, it felt that we were just picking up where we left off yesterday.

Usually, during the first few shooting sessions during production, there are a few processes to go through, like getting used to each other. But this time, we were able to skip that part and everything just went so smoothly.

And as the actors and the production staff came to develop a sense of strong intimacy over the two years, we could create Season 2 with a much more tight-knit chemistry, which was a refreshing experience.

—Shin Won Ho

It’s great that his gamble paid off so well, and that Hospital Playlist is such a success!

Source: The Korea Times