Director John Woo praises Song Hye Gyo from the film “The Crossing”

Director John Woo from The Crossing praised Song Hye Gyo’s acting during the press conference in Macau, on December 12th for upcoming movie, The Crossing. Along with director John Woo and Song Hye Gyo, Tong Da Wei, Bowie Lam, and more have attended the press conference as well.

During the interview, director John Woo expressed, “Although we had an actress from a different country, we had no difficulties in communications.” As the director of the film, he gave Song Hye Gyo a score of 85 and left the remainder of the scores to the audience.

John Woo further praised, “There were not many NG incidents because Song Hye Gyo prepared so much prior to the filming. Whenever the lines did not come out easily, she was not lazy and diligently tries to produce the best outcome.” Song Hye Gyo also played piano by herself without using any stunts for the scene.

Song Hye Gyo also commented, “This was a lucky opportunity and I learned a lot from it as well. I am thankful to the actors who have always helped me. Speaking Chinese was most difficult experience during the filming.”

Source: TV Report

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