The Director Of Suzy’s K-Drama “Anna” Threatens To Sue Streaming Platform Coupang Play

The director is not happy with the streaming platform.

We have previously reported on Suzy receiving a barrage of praise for her K-Drama Anna.

The drama, which aired exclusively on the new streaming platform Coupang Play, was a commercial and critical success and has brought new attention to the streaming site. Fans were therefore surprised to learn that the director of Anna wants to disassociate herself from the drama.

According to reports, the director of Anna, Lee Joo Young, is threatening to sue Coupang Play for damages.

Anna was directed by movie director Lee Joo Young. The director had previously directed the movie A Single Rider featuring actors Lee Byung Hun and Gong Hyo Jin.

Director Lee Joo Young (top). From bottom left: Lee Byung Hun, Gong Hyo Jin, and Ahn Sohee. | Naver

According to the director’s lawyer, the director was not happy with the changes the streaming platform made to the drama.

Anna was supposed to be an eight-episode drama with a run time of 45-61 minutes per episode. Coupang Play decided to make changes without the input of the director and presented a six-episode drama. Not only were there changes made to the length of the drama, but its prose, filming, editing, and narrative all were damaged by Coupang Play.

— Lee Joo Young’s lawyer

The representatives then stated that the director had actually asked that her name be removed from the credits section of the drama and even threatened legal action.

The director has asked that her name be taken off in the credits under director and writer but has been ignored. We asked through a third party for the corrections but have yet to receive word. We ask for an official apology and corrective action from Coupang Play, or we will pursue legal action.

— Lee Joo Young’s lawyer

Anna tells a story of a poor girl who lies and uses deceit to climb Korea’s stagnant social ladder and live an entirely different life.

Suzy plays the main character Lee Yumi, who was born to a poor father and a mother who is disabled. Due to the hardships, she chooses to create and live the life of Lee Anna, a social-lite who comes from a background that Lee Yumi has always wanted.

The drama would go on to earn major praise for Suzy. The actress, whose acting has been criticized in the past , shocked fans with her improved acting. There have been no comments or statements from Suzy or her label over the lawsuit between the drama’s director and Coupang Play.

Have you seen Anna? Check out the drama’s trailer in the link below!

Source: Joong ang Ilbo