Director Of “All of Us Are Dead” Shares An Important Feature That Makes The K-Drama Even Scarier

He talked about his latest project at a press conference!

The K-Drama All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix is gaining tons of traction from viewers all over the world, and the director of the show has shared what he thinks is the most important feature that contributed to its “scary” factor!

“All Of Us Are Dead” poster | Netflix

Recently, the cast and director of All Of Us Are Dead sat down for a press conference, where they answered questions about the show!

Th cast of “All Of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

With regards to the plot and imagery, director Lee Jae Kyoo expressed pride in the zombies especially, explaining how hard they worked at showcasing the best Korean zombie work yet!

We put a lot of effort into depicting the zombies in the series. We’ve worked with a team, which included an actor and a choreographer, to create the moves of zombies.

I can say for sure that it will have more detail and better movements than any other Korean zombie works.

—Lee Jae Kyoo

Lee Jae Kyoo | Lotte Entertainment

He then elaborated on it a bit more, and talked about how they paid great attention to evoking as much fear as they could in potential viewers!

Usually, a human turning into a zombie is the scariest part of zombie flicks. So for this series, the viewers will be able to feel the extreme fear with the scenes that show people transforming into zombies.

—Lee Jae Kyoo

Still from “All Of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

All Of Us Are Dead is already hitting #1 in lots of countries, and we’re excited to see more of the show!

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Source: The Korea Times

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