Disgruntled Korean Reports IU To Police For Alleged Plagiarism

The accuser alleged IU plagiarized six songs.

IU has been reported to the police for allegedly plagiarizing other artists.

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On May 10, according to Maeil Kyungjae, a non-celebrity reported IU to the police for allegedly plagiarizing the songs of domestic and foreign artists. The songs alleged to have been works of plagiarism include “The Red Shoes,” “Good Day,” “Bbibbi,” “Pitiful,” “Celebrity,” and “Boo.”

According to the accuser, the songs allegedly plagiarized works of other artists, were similar in melody and rhythm, and used similar chords.

These songs are very similar to the original works’ melody and rhythm and often use the same chords. Good Day and The Red Shoes, in particular, are very similar (to other songs), to the point that anyone listening will find them similar. I suspect plagiarism at the beginning of all six songs, which is the part that sets the vibe and tone of the songs and grabs listeners, and makes them decide whether they are going to listen to the song or not.

— Accuser

According to Maeil Kyungjae, “The Red Shoes” was previously accused of plagiarizing Nekta‘s “Here Us” in 2013. At the time, Nekta reportedly had stated that they had reached out to IU’s then-label Loen Entertainment but did not hear back.

In the article, one lawyer states that although copyright suits usually need to be made by the author of the original works this case may be an exception.

According to Article 140 in the Copyrights Act, for those who habitually infringe on copyrights through reproduction, performance, exhibition, and the spreading of plagiarized work for the undeniable purpose of profit, witnesses have the right to sue the accused.

— Lawyer

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Source: maeil kyungjae
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