Dispatch Releases Damning Phone Conversation Exposing FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” Producer Ahn Sung Il’s Treachery

“Ahn Sung Il’s words and actions are deceitful…”

Dispatch released a phone call between Ahn Sung Il and ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon in which the “Cupid” producer is being confronted by the label head regarding copyrights for “Cupid.”

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On July 6, Dispatch released an article containing a phone conversation between ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon and FIFTY FIFTY‘s “Cupid” producer, Ahn Sung Il, that seemingly contradicts the producer’s previous assertions.


Along with the phone conversation, Dispatch released 49 notes regarding Ahn Sung Il’s previous statements. They are translated below.

1. Ahn Sung Il denied it all.

2. Ahn Sung Il claimed, “It is the right of the record producer to pay and hold the $9,000 that ATTAKT claims.”

3. In other words, Ahn Sung Il claims that ATTRAKT purchased neighboring rights with the $9000.

4. Ahn Sung Il continued.

5.. “Neighboring rights belong to the production company. Copyrights belong to the creators of the song.”

6.. Ahn Sung Il spews (tedious) obvious facts. By chance, is there something more between the lines?

7. We asked the Korea Music Copyright Association.

8. “Do music labels purchase neighboring rights from producers?” (Dispatch)

9. “Neighboring rights are given to the music labels.”

10. Yes! Neighboring rights for “Cupid” obviously belong to ATTRAKT.

11. Ahn Sung Il also knows this fact.

12. “We do not own any neighboring rights (to “Cupid”).” (Ahn Sung Il)

13. So they are saying ATTRAKT paid $9000 to purchase rights (Neighboring rights) that already belong to them?

14. This is a fallacy that is as unbelievable as (FIFTY FIFTY’s) Billboard Hot 100 entry.

15. Let’s look at Ahn Sung Il’s statement closer.

“It is unfortunate that a self-proclaimed producer with 30 years of experience isn’t able to discern between copyrights and neighboring rights. Neighboring rights refer to the right of an individual who has made a certain contribution to enhance the value of a copyrighted work and is usually given to the producer. In other words, it is the right of the record producer to pay and hold the $9,000 that ATTAKT claims.”

— The Givers

16. “The Givers, after deliberating with the writers, lawfully purchased the copyrights (to “Cupid”).” (Ahn Sung Il)

17. Ahn Sung Il admitted (belatedly) that the copyright was transferred.

18. Yet, he claims that it was not purchased with ATTRAKT’s money.

19. Is the source of the money the issue here?

20. Dispatch thinks this isn’t the case.

21. CEO Jeon Hong Joon trusted Ahn Sung Il with FIFTY FIFTY’s promotion.

22. In other words, ATTRAKT and The Givers were partners.

23. No, The Givers was more like a service provider for ATTRAKT.

24. But Ahn Sung Il deceived ATTRAKT.

25. This is a conversation between Ahn Sung Il and Jeon Hong Joon.

  • JHJ: SIAHN, the royalties for (Cupid) must be tremendous, right? Congratulations!!!
  • Ahn Sung Il: I only have a minority stake, so I didn’t make much.
  • JHJ: Aw man, you should have taken more?!! Next time give yourself more writing credits.

26. Ahn Sung Il took part in the song’s arrangement using the name SIAHN.

27. Jeon Hong Joon congratulates Ahn Sung Il.

28. Ahn Sung Il denies any celebratory news.

29. “ I only have a minor stake, so I didn’t make much.” (Ahn Sung Il)

30. Let’s take a look at the copyright holders for “Cupid”.

31. SIAHN (Ahn Sung Il) 28.65%, The Givers 66.85%, Baek 4%, and Song Ja Kyung (Saena) 0.5%.

32. Member Saena’s copyright stake is what we call a minority stake.

33. Also, Baek is an employee at The Givers. He received 4% for allegedly taking part in the writing of the song.

34. You can hear Ahn Sung Il’s lies in his own voice.

35. Next is a phone conversation between Jeon Hong Joon and Ahn Sung Il (April) that Dispatch obtained.

JHJ: I heard we were contacted by our investor. (JHJ’s acquaintance) told me, “Hey, you said you bought a song overseas, right?” The copyright association looked into it to see if I was lying, and they said that the (copyright) was listed under SIAHN. That’s you, Ahn Sung Il. So, they called to confirm as there were no foreign producers listed.
Ahn Sung Il: Ah, I think they said that because of the publishing credits…
JHJ: Why isn’t that done?
Ahn Sung Il: That’s because once that all goes up, it all transfers to the publisher’s name.
JHJ: It’s been two months, but that still isn’t done?
Ahn Sung Il: For the first album?
JHJ: No, for “Cupid.”
Ahn Sung Il: That takes 3 months.
JHJ: Ah, I’m so sorry. I need to know what to tell them.
Ahn Sung Il: You know I am a domestic producer, right?
JHJ: Is that why your name went up first?
Ahn Sung Il: Otherwise, you won’t be able to apply for the IP, right?
JHJ: That’s right, you have the receipt of the song purchase for $10,000, right?
Ahn Sung Il: Of course.

36. The three months that Ahn Sung Il claimed have long gone by.

37. When Dispatch brought up the issue, Ahn Sung Il quickly defended himself (using English).

38. “On ATTRAKT’s invoice is written Music Production Fee, while our invoice states it is for the purchase of the song’s Music Intellectual Property Rights Fee.” (Ahn Sung Il)

39. If that is the case, why did Ahn Sung Il tell Jeon Hong Joon that it would take 3 months?

40. It is because Ahn Sung Il’s words and actions are deceitful.

41. Dispatch DMed three Swedish producers.

42. We will ask about when the purchase took place, the cost, and the contents of the agreement.

43. Lastly, there is one thing we would like to point out.

44. Let’s say that ATTRAKT purchased the neighboring rights with the money, does that mean The Givers can list their names as copyright holders?

45. A music industry insider said, “This is the first time I’ve seen something like this.

46. One famous idol producer stated that this was “A ridiculous scheme.” And asked, “Is this really true?

47. “Just because you purchase the rights from the creator doesn’t mean you omit their names on the credits. You merely purchased the rights with your money, it doesn’t mean you are the producer, right? Normally, you write the creator’s name in the producer credits and the purchaser’s name as the holder of the rights.”

48. That was the opinion of both a music insider and a current producer.

49. In the end, (as it stands) there is no way Ahn Sung Il doesn’t make money. Even if FIFTY FIFTY disappears…

You can listen to the phone conversation in the link below.

Source: dispatch


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