Dispatch Estimates TVXQ! Made A Quarter Of A Billion Dollars From Their Latest Tour

TVXQ! made an estimated $110 million USD in ticket sales from this single tour!

TVXQ! has achieved record sales through their recent “Begin Again” tour in Japan.

The “Begin Again” tour was held from November 11, 2017 to June 10, 2018 and toured numerous cities in Japan including Sapporo, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya and Yokohama.


TVXQ! finished their tour in Yokohama, where they held a concert for 3 days. Records showed that they accumulated ticket sales up to $24 million USD in total (that’s just for the 3 concerts in Yokohama)! Their merchandise sales in Yokohama also added up to an impressive amount of about $26 million USD.

Source: Twitter

Combining both ticket sales and merchandise sales, TVXQ! had earned around $50 million USD in just 3 days.


The complete tour sold about 1,010,000 seats in total, with 220,000 seats being sold in Yokohama. That means TVXQ! made an estimated amount of $110 million USD throughout the entire tour, just from the ticket sales!

Source: Twitter

And this figure does not even include the sales of merchandise, which recorded higher revenue than ticket sales in Yokohama.


This tour also gave TVXQ! the title of first foreign artist to sell over 1 million tickets in a single Japanese tour, a significant achievement that was highlighted in various Japanese media.


TVXQ! has already been active for 15 years now and both members just recently returned from their hiatus while serving in the military, but these figures prove that the idol group is only gaining more and more popularity, especially in Japan.

Source: SM Entertainment

In fact, their fanbase in Japan is so large that they differentiate themselves from the official fanclub, which goes by the name “Cassiopeia”, and call themselves “BigEast”.


The veteran idols will be releasing a new single this month and a full-length album in September. They’ll also be holding a 32 arena and dome tours in Japan for 2019. The 2019 tour is expected to gather around 640,000 concertgoers. Netizens look forward to what greater achievements they will make as the legend of TVXQ! lives on.