[★TRENDING] Dispatch Finds EXO Lay Passed Out From Exhaustion

Dispatch, along with multiple Chinese media, released reports of EXO Lay appearing extremely exhausted.

On December 20th, EXO Lay appeared at the Beijing International Airport on his way to Shanghai for an event. Fans were on site ready to greet their favorite idol but instead grew worried at his apparent exhaustion.

One fan-taken picture showed him resting on a sofa-bed in the departure lobby while waiting for his flight and covering his face out of pure exhaustion. Fans are concerned for Lay due to his former episodes where he actually fainted in Incheon Airport.

Dispatch reported that he appeared overworked and exhausted.

Many of his fans are worried especially due to the fact that celebrities are the busiest during the year-end season until the end of the lunar new year celebrations.

Lay looks clearly exhausted in these photos.
Fans are pleading with him to prioritize his health before work.

Source: Dispatch