Dispatch Investigates Allegations That KBS’s Music Bank Rigged Scores For LE SSERAFIM, And This Time They Brought The Receipt Printer

“However, the playlist turned into Cinderella-as soon as it hit twelve, it disappeared…”

With allegations that KBS‘s Music Bank rigged this week’s score so that LE SSERAFIM could win over Lim Young Woong running rampant, media outlet Dispatch took it upon themselves to get to the bottom of this controversy.

Lim Young Woong

According to Dispatch, they were not able to receive a straight answer from KBS when asking for the reason Lim Young Woong received a zero for their broadcast score.

We didn’t receive a straight answer for why Lim Young Woong received a zero for their broadcast score. When asked how the broadcast score is tallied, all we heard back was that we were not privy to the information.


KBS’s Music Bank | KBS

Dispatch then asked if it was true that Lim Young Woong’s new song “If We Ever Meet Again” was never played on a KBS broadcast between May 2 and May 8.

We thought it was strange also, but after checking, we can say his new song has not been played.

—KBS Music Bank

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Dispatch then decided to find out for themselves if this was true. The media outlet, true to its reputation, found on May 4 that Lim Young Woong was on a playlist on KBS FM’s radio.

On May 18, at 11 pm, we finally found the song on a playlist for KBS’s Seollae Neun Bam on May 4.



The next day, however, when Dispatch went back into the radio show’s home page, they found something interesting.

On May 19, Dispatch went back into the homepage for Seollae Neun Bam, but something was weird. No matter how hard we looked for the song, we could not find Lim Young Woong’s ‘If We Ever Meet Again.’ The song is no longer on the playlist.


Dispatch reveals that the alleged ‘cover-up’ was going on elsewhere.

Shall we look at the radio show, With Kim Hae Young? The song was on the playlist on May 7 as late as May 18, at 11pm. However, the playlist turned into Cinderella-as soon as it hit twelve, it disappearred. Currently, the playlist for With Kim Hae Young is nowhere to be found.


Dispatch then found other shows were also covering up their playlists.

 Lim Bae Chun’s 100 Songs. Lim Young Woong’s “If We Ever Meet Again” is on the playlist as late as the evening of May 18, only for it to disappear on May 19. How do you explain this phenomenon?


The song is shown in the playlist on the right | KBS
The song is no longer there | KBS

Dispatch then revealed they found what seems to be an odd attempt by KBS to cover up their cover-up.

On the morning of May 19, we found something odd. The playlists for Seollae Neun Bam and Lim Bae Chun’s 100 Songs re-appeared. And we were able to meet Lim Young Woong’s “If We Ever Meet Again” again.


When asked about this alleged disappearance and then reappearance act, again, KBS did not provide a straight answer.

Dispatch asked KBS about Lim Young Woong’s disappearance and then rebirth. According to KBS, they are not able to confirm who runs the homepages. They stated they would get back to us after finding out. We have yet to hear from them.


Dispatch then left KBS with a few hard-hitting questions.

Could it be that on May 18, KBS realized that the song was, in fact, played? Did KBS try to delete evidence on the dawn of May 19? Which led to KBS fearing a backlash in the early of May 19, and so is that why they brought back the playlist on the morning of May 19?


KBS has since revealed they use radio plays on seven KBS Cool FM stations to tally the broadcast score. However, KBS has stated they are not able to provide the names of the radio shows.

Dispatch has since stated they are looking into these secret radio shows for a another article. They did state what they thought of KBS’s broadcast score from their investigations thus far, however.

Dispatch has looked into these seven radio shows that KBS has hidden, and we were confused at what we found. It seems their broadcast score doesn’t matter very much at all unless the song meets certain criteria.


KBS‘s Music Bank has found itself in hot water from allegations accusing the show of rigging scores to favor LE SSERAFIM on this week’s broadcast. The allegations stem from LE SSERAFIM’s win over Lim Young Woong. Viewers took exception to the fact Lim Young Woong, one of the nation’s hottest singers, received a zero for his broadcasting score while LE SSERAFIM received a score of 5348. LE SSERAFIM won this week’s broadcast by a margin of 846 points.

Source: Dispatch