Dispatch Releases Jang Ja Yeon’s Suicide Letter, With Clues Surrounding Her Sex-Slavery Contract

The rookie actress from “Boys Over Flowers” died by suicide after allegedly being forced into sex with over 30 business and media executives.

Dispatch has released photos taken from CCTV videos showing the final moments of actress Jang Ja Yeon before she died by suicide. Jang Ja Yeon, famous for her role in the k-drama Boys Over Flowers, died in March 2009, leaving behind a document that revealed she was forced to perform sexual acts on business and media executives.

In more document with more than 50+ pages, Jang Ja Yeon exposed 30 men that she was forced to have sex with. Actress Lee Mi Sook was also accused of being the person who forced Jang Ja Yeon to sign an agreement providing sexual services.

Koreaboo has translated the full details of Dispatch’s report and a breakdown of what’s revealed in the CCTV video footage.

Dispatch Report: Jang Ja Yeon CCTV Footage

The date is February 28, 2009. One woman is seen standing at an elevator in an office building in Sonpga-gu.
5:13PM – She walked into the elevator and heads up to the 7th Floor. 3 hours and 30 minutes have passed.
9:46PM – She’s on the 1st Floor and exits the elevator. A man wearing a hooded shirt watches her as she leaves elevator.
11:57PM – The man in the hooded shirt leaves, with a document envelope and diary in hand.

The woman in the video is Jang Ja Yeon. So who is the unknown man?

Jang Ja Yeon was on the elevator and the man next to her was Yoo Jang Ho. He was Jang Ja Yeon’s manager at her former agency. This CCTV footage reveals that the two had met just one week prior to her death. What did they talk about?

It’s been 10 years since Jang Ja Yeon has died. But, the truth behind her death and what happened to her has still remained a mystery. There are still things that don’t make sense and so Dispatch has decided to investigate further.

March 1 – Yoo Jang Ho has a pile of documents in his hands. They were given to him by Jang Ja Yeon the day before, when they met at their office. Yoo Jang Ho took these documents and went to the MBC Drama Center in Ilsan. He met Lee Mi Sook here, who was filming her drama, East of Eden.

6:45PM – Yoo Jang Ho sends Jang Ja Yeon a text message: “There’s one scene left.”

Yoo Jang Ho‘s original text message to Jang Ja Yeon

8:29PM – Yoo Jang Ho arrives in Sinsa-dong area in Seoul: “I’m at Sinsa Station, where are you?”

Yoo Jang Ho’s second text meessage to Jang Ja Yeon.

Yoo Jang Ho travels from Songpa to Ilsan to Sinsa all on the same day.

March 1 (cont) – Yoo Jang Ho met with Lee Mi Sook but claims he didn’t show Jang Ja Yeon’s documents to her. Here’s what he said in his testimony to police:

Police: Did you discuss the contents of Jang Ja Yeon’s documents with Lee Mi Sook?

Yoo Jang Ho: I didn’t say Jang Ja Yeon wrote the documents. I only talked about Jang Ja Yeon’s CEO, Kim Jong Seung. I said he was doing bad things to his rookie actors. Lee Mi Sook said I should speak with the Director, Jeong Se Ho.

March 2 – Jang Ja Yeon is back at Yoo Jang Ho’s office in Songpa.
9:43PM – Jang Ja Yeon enters the elevator.
“She was smiling in the elevator.” – Police Forensics Team
11:57PM – Jang Ja Yeon leaves the office, but Yoo Jang Ho does see her off.

Jang Ja Yeon’s Final Conversations With Her Closest Friends

At this point, Jang Ja Yeon had met with Yoo Jang Ho three days in a row. There was hope for Jang Ja Yeon and her life until this point. It’s clear from Jang Ja Yeon’s chat logs with her closest friends, including Ms. Lee.

Jang Ja Yeon: Unnie, things are finally going to come out.

Ms. Lee: What are you talking about?

Jang Ja Yeon: Yoo Jang Ho me to come into his office because he had something to tell me. He said he’s preparing a criminal investigation on Kim Jong Seung [CEO]. He said if I wrote down everything that’s happened to me, they’d guarantee my identity would be kept a secret, and they’ll also release me from my contract. So, I went ahead and wrote the document.

Ms. Lee: Why would you believe them and write down everything?

Jang Ja Yeon: Unnie! Anyway, I can’t just sit back and do nothing, when Kim Jong Seung gets ruined, won’t my contract be canceled automatically?

Four pages from the document have been revealed by Dispatch

Jang Ja Yeon believed that her contract would be terminated, following the document that she wrote outlining everything that had happened to her. It’s become known as her suicide note. Dispatch has been able to capture 4 pages of this document and Koreaboo has now translated it.

She wrote 4 – 6 pages of the document in Yoo Jang Ho’s office. But after her death, these papers became known as her suicide letters. Dispatch’s article claims that Yoo Jang Ho is behind this and the reason why it became known as her suicide letters.

Dispatch was able to get the full text behind these obscured photos.

This is in relation to the damage case for Jang Ja Yeon.

1) In October 2008, Kim Sung Hoon (CEO) sent me to the Director of the drama Ja Myung Go at night. He had just cast Lee Mi Sook in his drama and I was coerced into serving liquor to him in order to be cast in his drama too. And I did it.

Also, Kim Sung Hoon jokingly blackmailed Lee Mi Sook. He said if Lee Mi Sook did not appear in the CEO’s drama, he would ruin her image.

2) On January 11, 2008, when I had to serve liquor to Kim Sung Joon and [name redacted], they were cursing at Song Sun Mi. They talked about cutting off all her work.

[name redacted] told me that he thought I was prettier than Song Sun Mi he would call me for future projects in the future, instead. I just had to go to a room salon with him and serve him dinks.

In the above truths, I, actress Jang Ja Yeon, am not telling any lies and am suffering from the damages caused by The Contents Entertainment CEO Kim Sung Hoon (real name Kim Jong Seung)

February 28, Jang Ja Yeon [Resident registration number]

More pages from the document acquired by Dispatch.

These are examples of damages against Jang Ja Yeon.

3) Since signing a contract with Kim Sung Hoon, I can’t even begin to count the number of times I was coerced into serving liquor with him. In September 2008, he called me to a room salon and made me sleep with him. In 2008 (I can’t remember it well), Kim Sung Hoon drank too much, locked me in a room with him, and hit me over the head with a bottle. He also verbally abused me.

4) A Director went to Thailand to play golf and I was taken out of my drama schedule and told to go to Thailand to entertain the Director. When I did not comply with the request, they told my manager that the car rental would be paid with my money.

I am living with an actress’ dream. With that dream, I have had to endure verbal and physical assault from The Contents Entertainment CEO Kim Sung Hoon.

I am just a weak and powerless rookie actress. I want to relieve myself from this pain.

February 28, Jang Ja Yeon [Resident registration number]

While many people believe Jang Ja Yeon’s document to be a suicide letter, it’s absolutely not one. Song Sun Mi and Lee Mi Sook were also identified as victims in her documents.

Kyonggi University Professor, Lee Soo Jung, states that it’s difficult to believe Jang Ja Yeon’s documents are a suicide letter. It’s not written in the normal form of a suicide letter: she signed every page with her signature, stamp, fingerprint, and registration number.

In Jang Ja Yeon’s documents, she uses honorifics such as Kim Sung Hoon CEO. It feels like a record of the investigation, or a witness statement.

— Lee Soo Jung

Dispatch acquired witness interviews and statements from Jang Ja Yeon’s family, to hear what they thought about the documents. Do they believe them to be suicide letters?

Ms. Lee: Jang Ja Yeon said, “Kim Sung Hoon forced me, but I never slept with him. I swear on the back of my deceased parents.” She really hated being the center of malicious gossip.

Police: Then why did she use the term “sexual favors”?

Ms. Lee: I think Yoo Jang Ho coached her into saying that.

The following are statements made by Jang Ja Yeon’s family:

Older brother: The younger sister I know didn’t know the format for these kinds of documents. She had never been to a police station before.

Older sister: There were words and sentences that [Jang] Ja Yeon doesn’t usually use. It feels like she was writing down what she was told to write.

Older brother: I want to know why they said there was a suicide note in the interview. Yoo Jang Ho kept on saying that he wanted to kill Kim Sung Hoon.

The family did not want the “suicide note” to be revealed. They wanted to let the matter pass by quietly. They demanded that the note be burned. On March 12, 2009, Yoo Jang Ho pretended to follow the families wishes and burned the original copy in front of the family.

However, the next day, Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide letter was on the news again. KBS 9PM News ran an exclusive report on how they found the burned and blackened document outside of Yoo Jang Ho’s office, in a trash bag.

Dispatch was able to obtain the final text message Jang Ja Yeon received before she died. It was sent on March 7, 2009 at 3:34PM. It was two hours before Jang Ja Yeon died.

I think you’ll meet someone with me on Monday, March 9. Please clear your schedule for the afternoon. Call me Monday morning.

– Yoo Jang Ho

That “someone” referenced in the text messages was a Producer (PD) for KBS, MBC, and SBS – Jung Se Ho.

Who’s involved in Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide and forced sexual acts?

Kim Jong Seung (The Contents Entertainment, CEO)

He signed multiple actors and actresses to his agency, including Jang Ja Yeon, Song Sun Mi, and Lee Mi Sook.

Jang Ja Yeon (Actress)

The main person involved in this story.

Song Sun Mi (Actress)

Her contract with The Contents Entertainment expired in September 2008. She starred in multiple dramas and movies. She married her husband in June 2006.

Lee Mi Sook (Actress)

She had a contract with The Contents Entertainment from January 2006 to December 2009. She would receive a base pay of ₩50,000,000 ($51,000 USD in 2006).

Yoo Jang Ho (The Contents Entertainment, Manager)

He was Jang Ja Yeon’s manager at The Contents Entertainment.

Everything changed when in August 2008, Yoo Jang Ho left to create his own entertainment company, Hoya Spotainment. He took Song Sun Mi and Lee Mi Sook with him, leaving behind Jang Ja Yeon at The Contents Entertainment.

Lee Mi Sook was immediately sued by The Contents Entertainment for leaving the company and breaking her contract. She still had one year left on her contract with The Contents Entertainment.

Her former agency asked for more than ₩200 million KRW ($220,000 USD) in damages to be paid by Lee Mi Sook. The courts ruled in their favor, but for only ₩100 million KRW ($110,000 USD) in damages to be paid as a penalty fee. 

The Contents Entertainment filed an appeal against Lee Mi Sook and revealed that she had been in a relationship in 2006 with a 29-year-old man. They claimed to have paid him millions to keep him from going to the media and ruining her reputation.

During this legal fight, a chat log was revealed showing Lee Mi Sook mentioning Jang Ja Yeon. The following is a conversation between Lee Mi Sook and Producer Jeong Se Ho.

Lee Mi Sook: Jang Ja Yeon came to me crying and asked for a favor. She came after writing a document for Yoo Jang Ho. There’s also something about how you and Jang Ja Yeon went golfing in Thailand together.

Jeong Se Ho PD: Lee Mi Sook, wouldn’t you come golfing with me? How could you not come, after I’ve been gone for 10 years?

Lee Mi Sook: The contents are shocking. The only person Kim Jong Seung is afraid of is you. Please scold him. Whether you have to break a hand or a foot, this cannot hit the floor. Yoo Jang Ho has the documents, meet him and listen to what he says.

Finally, Dispatch presents Lee Mi Sook’s witness interview statement, which they claim conflicts with her above text messages to Jeong Se Ho.

Police: Did you know Jang Ja Yeon?

Lee Mi Sook: I did not know her in the past, I came to know of her name through this incident.

Police: Did you know that Jang Ja Yeon wrote the document?

Lee Mi Sook: I didn’t know.

Police: Did you know if Jang Ja Yeon wrote the document with Yoo Jang Ho?

Lee Mi Sook: I don’t know.

Police: Is there any truth that you received the documents from Yoo Jang Ho?

Lee Mi Sook: There is none.

Police: Have you seen the contents of the documents?

Lee Mi Sook: I have not seen them.

Police: According to Jeong Se Ho PD’s statement, Jang Ja Yeon’s completed documents were seen and Jeong Se Ho knew of the contents, is this true?

Lee Mi Sook: No. Jeong Se Ho PD must have heard incorrectly. There is an urgent filming, so I’d appreciate if you could postpone the investigation until next Monday.

Dispatch ends the article with a demand for the truth and re-examination of Jang Ja Yeon’s case. The statute of limitations for Jang Ja Yeon’s case is set to expire at the end of March 2019. Over 637,000 people have signed a Blue House petition requesting that the investigation into Jang Ja Yeon’s death be extended.

The Blue House Petition website has over 637,000 signatures.