Dispatch Releases Pictures Of Sulli With Unidentified Man On Valentines Day

Sulli was spotted hanging out with an unidentified gentleman as photos of her hanging out on Valentine’s Day have surfaced. 

In light of Sulli’s recent dating rumours involving G-Dragon, Dispatch released photos of her whereabouts last Valentine’s Day. It was revealed that she was neither with her former boyfriend Choiza nor G-Dragon at the time.

Instead, she was spotted hanging out with a couple of her close friends in a restaurant in Itaewon. She was also photographed walking side-by-side with an unidentified male.

She was reportedly with a group of friends from the fashion industry.
Sulli was spotted on an outing in Itaewon on Valentine’s Day.
Sulli with an apparent close friend.
Dispatch have called the unidentified person Sulli’s Valentine for the evening.
Sulli and her friend enjoying an evening walk.

The photos shot down speculations that she was dating BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. The speculations started after photos of the two wearing the same ring were identified in their posts. YG Entertainment made sure to clear the unfounded rumours and explained that the ring was from a mutual friend of the two.

G-Dragon further added that he has not seen Sulli since they met with a group of friends in an amusement park earlier this year. Sulli, on the other hand, recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Choiza.

The rings that first sparked speculations.
G-Dragon, Sulli and friends in an amusement park.

Source: Dispatch