Dispatch reporter divulges more information on new couple Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan

After publishing photos of their recent dates, a reporter from Dispatch further released more details on Yuri’s relationship with pitcher, Oh Seung Hwan

Through an episode of Entertainment Weekly, the reported went into full detail on the newly revealed couple and was quoted saying, “Oh Seung Hwan’s friends were always present when they were dating. They didn’t spend too much time alone but spent time with a group of friends getting to know each other better.”

Furthermore, the reported also added detail for the pitcher’s affections towards the Girls’ Generation’s member saying that, “Oh Seung Hwan is famous for not having too much facial expressions but when he’s with Yuri he seemed to be very talkative and laughed a lot. Their dating course was not very special they went to good restaurants, karaoke and movies. Some witnesses said they’ve seen them at amusement parks and other outdoor locations as well.” 

In response to the latest reveal, netizens have also expressed their jealousy over the couple and left comments such as:

[+ 3547, – 79] Now that it’s spring there’s couples everywhere..where am I supposed to go..

[+ 2507, – 78] Other people are dating and here I am lying down by myself so depressing.

[+ 2193, – 103] I hope you guys have a beautiful relationship ♡

Source: Xportsnews