DISPATCH Reveals The Existence Of A 5th Woman Who Was Nearly Raped By JYJ Yoochun

On June 28th approximately 6:00 PM KST, Dispatch reported of a woman that was nearly raped by Yoochun. She however told DISPATCH the reason that she did not seek legal action against Yoochun.

The woman who Dispatch recently interviewed told them that she was nearly raped on a date that Dispatch chose not to reveal at her request.

She stated that, “Who would believe the words of a woman who works at such a place?”, however she corroborated her story with a message she sent back and forth with her friend on the day of.

On that day she sent her friend a message saying Park Yoochun had come as a customer and soon after she messaged again saying, “I nearly got raped. FXXX Park Yoochun”

She recounted the day saying, “The band came in and the music started playing he called me to the washroom and tried to rape me.”

She struggled and kept refusing and a few minutes later was able to escape. At this point she was furious and messaged her friend but she thought to herself that reporting would no good.

“I didn’t think reporting it would make a difference. Everyone would be against me, no they wouldn’t believe me to begin with. A girl that works as an escort being raped….I was afraid they would say that”

The woman still has no intention of seeking legal action against him.

DISPATCH also interviewed 4 other women who served Yoochun as a customer.

They remembered Park Yoochun as a man who tipped well and loved music, especially hip-hop.

They all said one thing in common, “When the band comes in and the music starts he takes his partner to the washroom. We don’t know what happens inside, we can’t hear anything because of the band. When he goes in his friends started snickering. They probably know what’s going on inside. We can only guess.”

Since there had never been a sign of violence Dispathc asked if it could have been voluntary. To this they shook their head stating.

“Sure some of them probably were willing but there would have been others that weren’t. It’s hard to fight such a situation though…because we work in this field. A lot of thoughts would cross your mind. His friends are sitting right outside, it’s not the thought of violence but the thought that no one will help you that scares you”

Source: Dispatch