[★BREAKING] Kim Woo Bin and Minah confirmed to be dating

Photos taken by Korean media Dispatch, reveal a potentially romantic relationship between Kim Woo Bin and Shin Minah.

Here is the direct translation of Dispatch’s article:


The man’s height is 187 cm. The woman’s height is 168 cm. The man here is known to have wide shoulders. The woman is known to be a bagel girl (baby face but glamorous). 

Those two types would match really well just thinking about it, but that is exactly the case between actor Kim Woo Bin and actress Shin Minah.

Another Hallyu couple has been born. Hallyu star Kim Woo Bin and actress Shin Minah. The two started their affections for each other while modeling for a fashion brand together. Currently, they have been dating for the last two months.

Dispatch was at the scene of their dates. Because their tall physiques are easily recognizable, the two were more cautious than ever.

The couple indeed has an age difference. Kim Woo Bin is 26 born in 1989. Shin Minah is 31 born in 1984. But the age difference did not seem like a problem for them. Kim Woo Bin’s manner especially stood out.

The date that Dispatch witnessed went like this. It was at the advertisement shooting for brand “Giordano” last May. Kim Woo Bin always put Shin Minah as a first priority for everything. In order for her to end her shooting earlier, Kim Woo Bin even delayed his shooting.

After Kim Woo Bin ended his part of the shoot, he went to Shin Minah’s house. After personally picking her up, they went for a drive near Han-Nam. It seemed as if they were conversing together.

It is reported that they officially started dating after May. A mutual friend of both sides reported that “they started liking each other after doing advertisement together in February” and they “officially started dating after May.”

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After May, Kim Woo Bin went to go meet Shin Minah at least two or three times a week. The pattern was always similar. Kim Woo Bin personally drove his car and picked her up at her parking lot.

Because they would be noticed, they never dated in public. Mostly, the dates consisted of driving near Shin Minah’s house in Itaewon. Sometimes, Kim Woo Bin would bring coffee from near by.

They also had two vehicles they used for their dates. Kim Woo Bin brought his own Range Rover and Porsche to go on dates. They started to notice the rumors about them amongst their own people.

The mutual friend of both said that “because of their easily noticeable visuals, they got to know each other in cars while driving.”

Shin Minah will be featuring in a new KBS-2TV drama “Oh My God” with actor So Ji-Sub. Kim Woo Bin is currently going through projects he will feature on next.


The two met during a photo shoot together.


Always a cautious date.


A tall couple is born.


Kim Woo Bin picking Shin Minah up.


Kim Woo Bin dropping her off after their drive.

20150722154205_lsh_5954 (1)

Using both the range rover and the porsche to go on dates.

Source: Dispatch