Dispatch Reveals Kakao Chat Logs Of Seungri And Others, Countering His Claims Of “Auto-Correct” And Showing His True Nature

“When I open my eyes, why am I sleeping with C noona? Where did D and E go?” — Seungri

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Dispatch has revealed the text messages sent in Jung Joon Young‘s chat rooms regarding Seungri‘s supposed typo of “girls who give well”.

Dispatch was able to obtain multiple chat logs from Kakao chat rooms that contained up to eight individuals, including Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, Yoo In Suk, and club officials. On December 6, 2015, Seungri was visited in Korea by a Taiwanese businesswoman, and Seungri did his best to entertain not only her, but three other men she was with. Seungri was the leader on the scene, messaging in the group chat to bring girls that would give well and to do things properly.

On June 30, 2021 KST, Seungri claimed that the message of “Girls? Go with ones that give well.” was actually a typo due to the auto-correct on his iPhone, and he meant to type “Go with ones who play well.”

I did not know about it and only realized it during the investigation process. I think it was a typo due to the iPhone’s autocorrect function. Although I’m sorry about it, that’s what I remember of it.

— Seungri

Dispatch was able to obtain the full chat logs from the Kakao chat room that night, and released it.

Seungri: Do whatever they want. Call the girls.

Seungri: Looks like it’s the visitor from Taiwan.

Mr. K: What girls can we call now? What’s worse is that they’re Chinese, OMG.

Yoo In Suk: Mr. K manages things well enough so that he doesn’t get involved with others.

Seungri: Just do it right. With no mistakes.

Seungri: Girls? Go with ones that give well.

Mr. K: I’m calling them right now but I don’t know if they will give well. I wonder if they will give well considering it’s not you guys.

Mr. K: For now, I’m calling [Name].

Jung Joon Young: The Chinese ones will like the girls who look like they have plastic surgery more.

Seungri: Anyway, do well.

Yoo In Suk: I’m getting the prostitutes ready now, when the 2 of them get here, Mr. K can take them to the hotel room.

Mr. K: Yes

Mr. K: 2 Gangsters sent [Dispatch notes this is an allusion to prostitutes]

Based on the conversation, Dispatch determined that the context of the conversation showed that there was no awkwardness or alternative meaning to what was being said. In addition, they stated that even if Seungri made a typo, he made no effort to correct it. In addition, they pointed out that auto-completion is a function where users select which recommended text they would like to send.

Finally, they pointed out that they cannot acknowledge Seungri’s defense that he made a typo as Yoo In Suk clearly mentioned the word prostitute, so Dispatch determined that in Seungri and his group’s mind, the term girls is equivalent to prostitute.

Dispatch also took a look into Seungri’s imitation of The Great Gatsby and his 2015 party he prepared for Japanese businessmen.

Seungri on a boat with 7 others, including Choi Jonghoon. | @0sungmin/Instagram via Dispatch

They shared the chat logs between Seungri, Yoo In Suk, and a friend on November 27, 2015 as they prepared their party for the Japanese businessman.

Seungri: Chairman Aoi and his guests are coming, so I’ll prepare a separate party. Let’s give him back 100 times what we received from him.

Seungri: Choi Jonghoon, Jung Joon Young. Find out if there are any pretty girls who can speak Japanese.

Seungri: Mr K. Pick a bunch of of male and female guests to invite on the 24th [of December]. If you can, invite all of our acquaintances and close friends to fill up the space.

Friend A: Okay.

Seungri: This Christmas, instead of us having fun, let’s make others happy and and feel satisfaction vicariously through that.

Chairman Aoi sends his yacht with crew and chefs from Japan to Busan every summer, so let’s give him the fun this time.

Yoo In Suk: We will make this like ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie.

Yoo In Suk: Let’s call all of the girls we know that day. To the point there will be no girls left in the clubs. There will only be those male punks left in the clubs, so they will hate us.

Seungri admitted there were inappropriate words and comments shared in his group chats. However he explained that the group chats weren’t everything that his life amounted to.

There are several group chats. I use five other types of social media. There are 500 messages that accumulate if I ignore it for even just one second. Just because I get the message doesn’t mean I read it.

— Seungri

Jung Joon Young, Seungri, and Choi Jonghoon | Choi Jonghoon’s Instagram via Dispatch

However, Dispatch believes that the chat logs with the messages Seungri does send shows the kind of world he does live in, with his inclusion of inappropriate words. Dispatch provided an excerpt from his chat on January 25, 2016.

Friend 1: Why is A noona so damn pretty?

Jung Joon Young: A is a b**** who had sex with B and me as well ㅋㅋ

Seungri: I plan on having sex with her too later.

Mr. K: With her, anything that happens is all confidential.

Seungri: Amnesia. She doesn’t even remember who she does it with.

Jung Joon Young: She’s just r*tarded

Seungri: Or maybe she doesn’t want to remember.

Mr. K: What an uncommonly low rate b*tch

Jung Joon Young: When I first met her she said that she doesn’t know me because she doesn’t watch TV. But after she got drunk, she kept begging me to sing <Becoming Dust>.

Seungri: Do you want me to tell you something funny? When I opened my eyes, why am I sleeping with C noona? Where did D and E go?

Seungri: XX is a work of art. Wow I admit it.

Friend: Yesterday I felt her breasts a ton.

Seungri: Are her breasts big?

Friend: They’re fake.

Seungri: Today is the day Yoo[redacted] arrives.

Friend: Foreigners, stop coming, please.

Seungri: You f***er, they’re one of our investors.

Seungri: Wasn’t yesterday’s party was f***ing awesome?

Choi Jong Hoon: It was a success.

Seungri: I can acknowledge that girl. I am so into her. Her sister is also really fine.

Jung Joon Young: Right, her sister was a real surprise. There were a lot of hidden gems yesterday.

Friend: But there were so many men.

Seungri: We can just get rid of them. Let’s just have them together, hyung.

Seungri: In Korea, we can just have them all, and I will marry a foreign girl.

Seungri: Hyung, since you’re in Jeju Island today, call XX again today.

Jung Joon Young: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Seungri: So that I can do it first.

Source: Dispatch

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