Dispatch reveals the truth behind G-Dragon & Kiko’s love and breakup

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has broken up with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara. They have decided to part ways and remain friends.

The two never officially admitted to being a couple but in the entertainment and fashion industries, it seemed that anyone who was anyone knew that the two were in a relationship. Fans often caught the two on alleged dates and other suspicious meetings.

A close friend of G-Dragon told Dispatch on August 26th, “The two decided to completely finish as a couple and decided to remain friends. Both of them are very dedicated to their work and they grew apart when he spent most of his time working on album production. Especially as BIGBANG was doing world tours at the same time. they had less and less time to spend with each other. They broke up and got back together multiple times in the past but they have decided not to spend any more emotions on each other. They are definitely not getting back together”

Source: Dispatch

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