Dispatch calls out SuperBee and Swings for their sexual lyrics regarding ‘Produce 101’ contestants

Swings released a new mixtape back in March 2016 titled Levitate 2 which has come under scrutiny after the sexual lyrics were accused to be aimed towards Produce 101 trainees.

According to Dispatch, a particular line on the track “Everything,” which features rapper SuperBee, has attracted attention as it reads “101 pretty sexy bitches without t***y masks in my bedroom.”

Fans became furious as it seemed to be making a reference towards the female trainees of Produce 101 especially since the majority of them are underage. This prompted one fan to ask SuperBee himself on SNS, “Do you watch ‘Produce 101’?” to which he replied, “This song was made last year and it was written after watching ‘101 Dalmatians.'”

However, fans are still suspicious and have criticized the rapper for giving a seemingly nonsense excuse, explaining that had he been referring to dalmatians, the word “mari” would be used instead of “myung,” which is used exclusively to count people, in the lyrics. Especially due to the fact that the lyrics “101 pretty sexy bitches with out t***y masks in my bedroom” seems to refer to one incident where contestant Jung Eun Woo’s shirt burst to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Source: Dispatch