Dispatch Warns Those Spreading Fake Images Using Their Logo Will Be Held Accountable

They will be held accountable.

Recently, online communities were buzzing after a photo of EXO’s Chanyeol and BLACKPINK’s Rosé with a Dispatch watermark was posted.

This photo began spreading like wildfire online, stating that the photo was proof that the two idols were dating.

Edited photo

Original photo

But Dispatch revealed that they have never released anything about these rumors or taken a photo of the two together. It turned out that the photo had already once spread online back in 2018 and was found to be an edited photo.

Fans believe that this photo started to resurface online after someone claiming to be Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend revealed that they had dated for three years before breaking up after finding out he had allegedly cheated on her multiple times.

In regards to the tampered photo using Dispatch’s watermark, Dispatch posted a warning that anyone who tampers with photos and uses their watermark will be held accountable.

| @koreadispatch/Instagram

Most recently, SM Entertainment posted an official response in regards to the alleged controversy.

Source: money today