Dive Studios Host Under Fire For “Unbelievable” Sexist And Fatphobic Comments

Many want Yangyang and Ten to host the show alone.

One of the hosts of Dive Studios‘ newest programs is catching heat for what many call fatphobic and sexist comments.

Dive Studios is home to a variety of programs, including Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam and Get Real. Many of the shows, including Hwaiting, feature English-speaking idols like AleXa, Jamie, and Ashley Choi.

On July 27, Dive Studios teased its newest program, revealing that WayV‘s Ten and Yangyang, alongside solo singer Han Heejun, would be presenting a new program called Unbelievable.  The show was set to be a debate-style program with Heejun serving as the moderator between the two.

WayV’s Ten and Yangyang and Han Heejun. | Dive Studios

The first episode was released on August 3, and fans were excited about the new content. Unfortunately, the episode took an unexpected and, what many consider, offensive turn within the first couple of minutes.

While explaining the concept, Heejun offers a “sexist” and “fatphobic” example of an “Unbelievable” TMI story, saying that he visited his hairstylist and couldn’t believe how pretty she was after losing weight.

I went to the hair shop and my designer lost her weight. I had no idea she was that pretty before she lost that weight.

— Heejun

In addition to this, during a portion of the show, when they were discussing a sent-in letter requesting advice about when to tell a child the truth about Santa Claus, Heejun added some unnecessary comments about weight.

| Dive Studios
| Dive Studios

Many fans watching the show found this distasteful and wondered how such comments could be aired. Dive Studios also is behind Mindset, an app, and program centered around mental health, making this incident even more disappointing for many viewers.

Following the initial backlash, the episode removed the sections where Heejun made the comments, but many fans are not satisfied with this. While they did remove the problematic commentary, no statement was released at the time of writing.

You can check out the edited episode below.