DJ DOC appears on “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School Radio”

On December 8th, DJ DOC‘s Lee Ha Neul and Jung Jae Yong appeared as guests on SBS Power FM‘s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School radio section. Lee Ha Neul mentioned about the behind the scene stories regarding the upcoming DJ DOC album, his girlfriend, and wishes to live in the Jeju Island.

Lee Ha Neul explained why DJ DOC’s next album is being delayed and brought laughter to the studio saying, “DJ DOC has been together for 20 years now, so we wanted to prepare for the best album thus far. We planned to release our album with musicians we approved and enjoy as well. We recorded with YDG, Jang Gi Ha, and more. We also asked Leesang to partake in our album as well, but one of them have been caught with a DUI and there was the break for our album as well. We met Gil at Bangbaedong recently. We asked him to resume on our work again and scolded him… though I am in no position to actually teach lessons to anyone.

The singer mentioned about his plans for marriage with his current girlfriend. He revealed that they are in talks of marrying next year. He also mentioned, “I have wanted to live in Jeju since 10 years ago. But one day, Lee Hyori became famous for living in Jeju. I was not financially apt to invest on lands in Jeju then. I am planning to go to Jeju in three years time.”

Meanwhile, DJ Kim Chang Ryul, who is also a member of DJ DOC, invited his fellow members, Lee Ha Neul, Jung Jae Yong, and comedian Jang Dong Hyeok as guests of the episode.

Source: Newsen 1, 2