DJ R3HAB Leaks A Snippet Of Upcoming Collaboration With MONSTA X

Fans are thanking him for his bravery.

MONSTA X‘s comeback is almost here, and fans are anticipating the new concept, the new outfits, and of course, the new music. A snippet of one of those songs was just leaked, and Monbebe can’t get enough.

MONSTA X | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

MONSTA X’s new mini album SHAPE of LOVE will release April 26 and will feature new songs written and composed by several members. One of those songs is a b-side titled “Burning Up” (Feat. R3HAB).

Its credits include lyrics by MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Jantine Annika Heij, and Justin Oh, who also composed the song along with Fadil El Ghoul (also known as R3HAB).

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

It was arranged by Hyungwon, R3HAB, and Justin Oh.

R3HAB, who will feature on the song, is a Moroccan-Dutch DJ who has worked with several well-known artists. He has even done remixes of songs such as TWICE‘s “SCIENTIST.”

R3HAB | @R3HAB/Twitter

He has wasted no time in hyping “Burning Up.”

Recently he gained attention for a since deleted tweet, claiming he would drop a teaser of the new song if it got 5000 retweets.

Then, when it did, he did in fact release what appears to be a snippet of “Burning Up.” The tweet also claimed that with another 20,000 retweets he would drop another teaser.

However, it has now been deleted.

Fans are assuming that R3HAB was asked by Starship Entertainment to delete the tweets, considering the album preview is set to release April 25. And, are jokingly using the hashtag #FreeR3HAB to show support to the DJ after he allegedly landed in hot water with the company.

Still, fans are thanking him for the free promo and are excited for the upcoming banger.

We can’t wait to hear the full song, as well as the entire album!

In the meantime, check out the teaser for MONSTA’s title track for SHAPE OF LOVE, “LOVE” here!