Fourth-Generation Idol Reportedly Faces 15 Years In Prison

The former idol debuted in 2019.

DJ Yesong is facing a lengthy prison term.

DJ Yesong | Naver

On June 11, it was reported that prosecutors asked a judge to hand down a 15-year sentence to former idol and current DJ Yesong. DJ Yesong is currently facing trial after killing a delivery driver in a DUI accident.

While driving under the influence, she caused two accidents and killed a person. Her crimes are heavy, considering how she is still blaming the victim even though the accident resulted in his death. I ask that you sentence the defendant to 15 years in prison and confiscate the keys to her Benz.

— Prosecutors

DJ Yesong, on this day, reportedly claimed that she had to drink for her livelihood.

At the time, I was experiencing financial hardship due to the lack of bookings. I was at an important gathering that had my livelihood at stake, and I couldn’t refuse to drink. This led me to make an unexcusable mistake that caused unerasable pain to the victim. I am reflecting deeply.

— DJ Yesong

Meanwhile, DJ Yesong’s sentencing date has been scheduled for July 7. The DJ formerly debuted with K-Pop group Instar in 2019. You can read more about her crimes in the link below.

Infamous Former Idol Killed Delivery Driver In DUI Accident While Fleeing From Another Hit-And-Run


Source: wikitree
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