DKB’s E-Chan, D1, GK, Lune Test Positive For COVID-19

We hope they recover soon!

Four members of DKB have confirmed positive for COVID-19. Brave Entertainment stated that E-Chan, D1 and Lune had a mild fever and sore throat while GK did not have any symptoms. They all took a preemptive test and was confirmed positive for COVID-19. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is Brave Entertainment. We are here to inform you about DKB’s E-Chan, D1, GK, and Lune testing positive for COVID-19. Although all four members have completed the third dose of the vaccine, E-Chan, D1 and Lune had a mild fever and sore throat, and GK with no symptoms, tested positive after taking a test on March 27. 

Currently, all four members are taking the necessary measures needed according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities and will be separated from the other members during quarantine. In addition, considering the possibility of additionally positive tests, we will do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by continuously checking on the condition of the DKB members.

We will do our best to support the artists treatment and recovery as we consider our artists’ safety as our top priority. In addition, we will continue to take necessary follow-up measures according to the requests and guidelines of the quarantine authorities. Thank you. 

Source: sports donga