“D*ckers” Is The Reason Why K-Pop Companies Should Name Their Fandoms ASAP

This hilarious new fandom took matters into their own hands.

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a new K-Pop fandom, and they’re calling themselves “dickers”.

Every time a group debuts, their fans go through that awkward “who are we?” period where they are nameless. So, new fandoms often assign themselves temporary names until their group’s agency announces the official one.

For example, EXO‘s EXO-L were EXOtics, TXT‘s MOA were TXTers, and f(x)‘s MeU were — for a very long time — Aff(x)tion.

Brave Entertainment‘s new 9-member boy group DKB debuted on February 3 with “Sorry Mama”, but their fandom is still nameless two months later.

As a result, the fandom has given themself a name that’s as memorable as it is inappropriate: dickers.

Brave Entertainment might want to announce the real fandom name soon because “dickers” is starting to stick!

Just imagine showing up to a K-Pop convention and shouting, “Are there any dickers in here?” to a room full of fans. At this rate, it just might happen!

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