Fans Clap Back At Haters Who Are Criticizing DKB’s Visuals In An Unflattering Photoshoot

The members of DKB are talented AND handsome.

Rookie boy group DKB is severely underrated. Not only do they have wide-ranging genres of music in their discography, but they’re also highly self-produced, with the members participating in the creation of their songs and choreographies.

On top of their fantastic choreographies, some of the members even perform acrobatics during their dances, which is rarely seen in K-Pop these days!

Their maknae Harry-June is even one of the finalists on Be Mbitious, the prequel to the upcoming dance competition show Street Man Fighter!

The group debuted under Brave Entertainment, the same company where appropriately-named Brave Girls debuted and, after years of being under-rated, exploded in popularity thanks to their song “Rollin'” going viral.

We’re still waiting for the talented DKB to get their viral moment as well, which they more than deserve! Unfortunately, however, the group has recently been dealing with cruel comments and hate due to a series of unflattering photos of them that appeared online, and this is not the kind of virality that any K-Pop group deserves.

The photoshoot features each member cropped poorly in front of a bright, garish neon-green background, and they’re all positioned in awkward and unflattering ways that do not do any of their true visuals justice.

Though a K-Pop group shouldn’t just be known for their visuals, it’s fair to say that many people become fans of a group in part because of how they look. And so, this kind of unflattering imagery that doesn’t appropriately showcase the actual visuals of such a talented group as DKB can really be detrimental to a lesser-known artist.

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We don’t want to include many of the hurtful comments due to the cruelty of their nature, but here are a few just to get an example:

“We need a law that says that if you’re ugly, then you can’t be an idol”

“Produce really messed up the male idol industry. The standard visual really went downward”

Thankfully, more support than hate has been directed towards DKB in the wake of these harmful comments recently on social media platforms such as Twitter…

… And Reddit.

Even if the members of DKB did have “bad” visuals — which they don’t — it shouldn’t be such a huge factor in whether or not they are successful. They’ve proven time and again that they’re talented, hard-working individuals, and each one of them deserve to be recognized for what they contribute to the group!

E-Chan is one of the co-leaders of DKB, and is particularly known for his rapping and choreography-making skills! He helps a lot in the creation of the group’s dances.

D1 is the other co-leader of DKB. He is extremely well-rounded in talent, and has skills in song-writing, singing, and choreographing dances. He’s also one of the acrobats of the group!

Teo is both the main vocalist and an acrobat in DKB, which is an incredible duality for any K-Pop idol to have! He, too, participates in songwriting and composing.

GK is one of the main rappers of DKB, and his sharp wit and stage presence is impossible to ignore.

Heechan is yet another member that specializes in dancing and helping in the creation of the group’s choreography! He’s also a talented rapper in DKB as well, and known for his passion.

Lune is both a vocalist and the visual of DKB, and when watching any video of him performing or honestly doing anything, it’s easy to see why he has both titles!

Junseo is an extremely talented freestyle dancer, and considered one of the best dancers in the group. Outside of being a main dancer and rapper in the group, he’s also skilled in DJing and playing piano!

Yuku is the group’s adorable Japanese member, with the sweetest voice and brightest smile you could imagine. It’s impossible not to smile too when watching any video that includes this cutie!

Harry-June, as mentioned earlier, is exceptional in freestyle dancing as well as a great vocalist, and this talented maknae of the group was only 16 when they debuted!

We hope that the members of DKB have been able to avoid seeing all of this pointless hate, and we send all of our love and support their way!

Source: Pannchoa