Former K-Pop Idol Reveals How K-Pop Agencies Really Deal With The Topic Of Mental Health

It is a growing issue in the industry!

There is no denying that the life of a K-Pop idol is tough. From the minute they start training, it becomes a cycle of rehearsals, busy schedules, and expectations.

Although the stresses are as tough as ever, a lot more idols are opening up about their mental health, whether through songs or in other ways. Yet, there is still a stigma behind mental health and something that needs more attention.

Kang Daniel is not mentioned but has been open about his struggle with mental health | Instagram

Former Blady member Tina (now more commonly known as Soobin or Christine Park) took to the DKDKTV YouTube channel to discuss some of the most important questions fans have about K-Pop. In particular, one looked at how agencies deal with idols when they are suffering from mental health issues.

Whereas host David joked that they don’t, Tina reiterated that they don’t really deal with it in the way that they should, but that it shouldn’t be generalized to all companies in Korea.

It depends. Some idols really do get help from their psychiatrist or therapist, but most of the times, there’s a taboo on like mental health.

— Tina

She also added that the taboo stems across Korea, not just in the K-Pop industry. Tina also explained that many agencies think it is just a normal thing that comes with the job of being a K-Pop idol.

I don’t think that they see the severity of it because they think they already know all idols are like that. They’re always going to be having some sort of mental issues. But I think they don’t take it as seriously.

— Tina

However, as with all things in K-Pop, there are some exceptions. Several companies have showcased in the past that they realize the importance of mental health and focused on the idol having time off.

Some companies do, and then they will be like, ‘Okay, we will give you a therapist and stuff, but most of the time, no.

— Tina

Tina even added that it is more common in the bigger agencies to have therapists but explained that this could also be due to smaller companies not hiring one.

Yet, despite the size of a company, it needs to be spoken about a lot more in the K-Pop industry and something that should be taken a lot more seriously. For many idols, they spend countless hours training without rest. Adding that with the pressures can become a lot, and they need a system to rely on in case things become too much.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: DKDKTV