Do Idols Get Jealous Of Their More Successful Groupmates? Crayon Pop’s Way Spilled All

“Honestly idols are human beings too. Isn’t it natural?”

In the majority of K-Pop groups, it’s very rare that all members are equally successful. But do the members lift each other up when popularity varies, or do the less successful members become jealous? Second generation idol Crayon Pop‘s Way revealed her perspective in a new WayLand YouTube video.

Most K-Pop groups have a member who’s more successful than the rest. Some gain popularity for their visuals, while others make bank from acting or advertising jobs outside of group activities. Naturally, many fans wonder whether different levels of popularity and success in a group lead to jealousy.

Irene has achieved much success outside of Red Velvet with her endorsements. | Damiani

While former K-Pop star Way says it’s hard to generalize and that differing personalities play into things, she also admitted she believes every idol “naturally has the heart to do better than others“. For some idols, this can manifest as a feeling of “inferiority” and low self-esteem, while others find themselves feeling “motivated” by the sense of competition.

EXO’s Baekhyun recently became a million seller with his solo album. | SM Entertainment

Of course, for many idols, that natural desire to be the best can also show itself “in the form of jealousy” according to Way.

| 웨이랜드 WayLand/YouTube

I’ve seen many cases where they would be jealous for those things. Honestly idols are human beings too. Isn’t it natural?

— Way

In Way’s own case, the former K-Pop idol says she always congratulates her members when they get cast in a new opportunity. However, seeing her members achieving more than her also always made her think she should try harder and do more to forge her own path. That said, given that she always wants others to be happy for her when she has good news, Way joked that being a “mature person like me” goes a long way.

Idols who ranked #1 on survival shows (such as IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung) are often the most popular in their group. | Mnet

Way also noted that agencies play a big part in a group’s sentiment towards its most popular member. Unfortunately, when one member does well, some companies are quick to lay negativity on those who aren’t so fortunate. These agencies are responsible for a lot of the jealousy and contention among their group members.

| 웨이랜드 WayLand/YouTube

When a member does well, they say, “you need to improve and do something too”, “she does this much, how come you can’t do much?”.

— Way

That aside, Way added another important point—one member’s success can improve the whole group’s success too. Alongside bringing in their own fame and income, a popular idol brings more group album and tour sales to the table. Keeping this in mind may help less successful groupmates overcome their feelings of jealousy and inferiority.

Source: 웨이랜드 WayLand