“Doctor Cha” Actor Reveals A Couple Was Born On Set

Are you surprised?!

Actor Min Woo Hyuk, who recently appeared in the hit K-Drama, Doctor Cha, revealed that there was a couple on set.

Min Woo Hyuk | JTBC

The actor made an appearance on the June 17 episode of MBC‘s The Manager. In the episode, the actor spoke to his manager, Baek Ye Ri, about filming the drama and praised his co-stars as “Good people.”

Baek Ye Ri would later tease the actor by stating he was the “Greatest beneficiary” of the drama’s success, to which Min Woo Hyuk responded in kind, asking, “Me? (The greatest beneficiary) is you!” The actor then exposed a shocking revelation.

You met your boyfriend there!

— Min Woo Hyuk

The actor’s manager, who was visibly shocked, would later admit to her actor’s allegations.

We filmed for eight months. Because I was hanging out with the staff for eight months, I became especially close with a person.

— Baek Ye Ri

Baek Ye Ri made sure to point out, however, that she didn’t start dating until after the drama had wrapped.

We officially started dating after the drama (filming) had ended.

— Baek Ye Ri

Meanwhile, Min Woo Hyuk’s Doctor Cha has been one of Korea’s biggest hits in 2023 thus far.

Uhm Jung Hwa | Netflix

The drama, which tells the story of a doctor-turned-housewife-turned-medical student, reached a viewership rating high of 18.56%, making it the fourth highest-rated JTBC drama in the broadcast company’s history. 


Source: insight