Dogs Keep Crashing BTS’s Interviews…And Nobody’s Complaining

They woofed their way into BTS’s hearts.

ARMYs come in every shape and size…and species? Lately, BTS‘s four-legged fans have been trying their hardest to meet them!

| Zach Sang Show/Youtube

On December 7, MTV Fresh Out shared a new outtake from their exclusive interview with BTS. In it, host Kevan Kenney‘s dog wanted to say hello. “Guys, give me less than ten seconds,” he said. “I just have to put my dog outside.” 

Did somebody say “dog”? BTS immediately perked up and gave the pup a shoutout. “Hi, doggy!” RM called. “Hi, dog dog!” added cutely. “Hi dog dog!”

While Kevan Kenney was out of the frame, BTS began speaking the dog’s language, howling and barking.

This isn’t the first time an ARMY doggo has crashed an interview. Recently, Zach Sang‘s dog Lou woofed his way into BTS’s hearts too.

When Lou came into view, the members lit up like fireworks. “Hey baby,” Jimin said, smiling brightly. “So cute!” 

Here’s hoping for more BTS x dogs collaborations in the future!