Doja Cat Was A Total BTS Jungkook Fangirl In Resurfaced Gaming Clip

“Who hid this from me?!”

When Doja Cat‘s hairstylist revealed that BTS‘s Jimin helped inspire a hairstyle in the “Get Into It (Yuh)” music video, fans hoped to see more interactions between the two artists.

| @thejesjewel/TikTok

Wanting to see if they’d ever collaborate, a fan asked Doja Cat during an Instagram live when it would happen. Although the singer said, “I don’t know,” a resurfaced gaming clip proved she’s a fan of BTS too.

Doja Cat | @DojaCat/Twitter

When chatting with fans in a game called Hotel Hideaway, someone playfully wrote to Doja Cat, “Flop, accept my fr.” Doja Cat had a funny response.

| @girls4barbie/Twitter

Holding her own, Doja Cat responded, “Shut up, flop. Ur not Jungkook.

| @girls4barbie/Twitter

Since the clip was uploaded by a fan over a year ago, Korean ARMYs were shocked it took so long to find the funny moment but loved that Doja Cat was a Jungkook fan too.

Just like they said, Jungkook really is everywhere.